Things To Do at the Couvent

Whilst there is plenty to do in Pezenas and the surrounding area, some of our guests never leave the Couvent except to stock up on yummy food (and we’re not just talking about honeymoon couples!)

Here are some of the things you can do within the walls of the Couvent:

Learning French

We have had lots of clients who tell us they would like to learn French. So we have prepared a classroom on the second floor for those of you who would like to learn French while staying with us. We have partnered up with a company who can offer our clients tailor made classes. There is also the possibility of daily excursions with a guide so that you can discover the Languedoc Roussillon in all its splendour. If you are interested in learning French while staying with us do let us know in advance so that we can budget and organise this for you.

Have a Massage

You can request to have a massage in your apartment. No need to get up and dressed when you are in that lovely woozy mood after a relaxing massage! You can choose from a relaxing body massage, or a head, feet and/or back massage, acupuncture or Indian head massage.
Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment during your stay.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool contains no chlorine and is cleaned by UV and active oxygen. There is a jet stream in the pool for those of you who would like some exercise. We have an alarm system in the pool that goes off in the event something weighing 5 kilos or more falls in the pool. The entire pool is also surrounded by a wooden barrier.


We have two hanging chairs in the garden as well as a hammock. Children are allowed to run freely in the garden. We have deliberately not planted fragile or delicate flowers so you don’t have to worry about children walking on them or pulling them to bits! There is a choice of sunny or shady areas in the garden to read a book or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

Enjoy a gourmet meal or a barbeque!

The apartments are well set up for creating your gourmet meal at home or for simply enjoying a simple outdoors meal.

For groups we can put you in touch with caterers should you wish to have catered dinners during your stay.

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