Pezenas Accommodation

There are various different types of holiday accommodation in Pezenas and around.

The Couvent is quite unique in terms of holiday lettings in Pezenas – it’s a historic building, just 5 minutes walk from the centre of Pezenas yet having a large secluded garden with sun and shade plus a pool.

While clearly we think it’s the best place for a holiday in Pezenas, it’s obviously not the only choice!  If you do want a pool you can find character holiday homes or apartments in converted historical buildings a bit further out of Pezenas or in a nearby village, or there are a couple of modern villas with pools in Pezenas plus one hotel with a pool.

There is also a wide choice of hotels, B&Bs and village houses or apartments without pools in Pezenas.

Here are a few tips when you are looking for accommodation in Pezenas or around:

Many places are advertised as Pezenas but are actually in one of the  surrounding villages. If you want a break from driving now and then or you want to be able to enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner, then make sure your accommodation is actually in Pezenas.   Obviously it depends on what you prefer and being in a village also has advantages, just make sure you know what you are booking – a 5 minute drive is still a drive when it comes to alcohol limits!

The older buildings with their thick stone walls were designed to keep cool in Summer but if you are renting a villa or modern house you may want to check it has air conditioning and some form of shade if there’s a garden. Coming from Northern areas we tend to want sun all the time but when you get here you’ll want some shade too!

As the older buildings were designed to keep the heat out in Summer and allow for ventilation, they tend not to be well insulated or heated. We’ve had guests move to the Couvent because they were freezing elsewhere so if you are looking for a Winter let, make sure to ask what the heating system is, what the running costs are (particularly if they charge extra for heating and electricity), and whether the accommodation has been “Winterized”.

If you end up outside Pezenas, ask if there is a bakery and cafe in the village, also if there are any village festivals on during your stay.  The festivals take place in all of the little villages of the region and are great fun!

And finally, when looking at costs of your holiday accommodation, don’t forget to weigh up the extras – check if cleaning, linen and towels are included, if there are bikes available for use, how much is a taxi ride to the nearest restaurant etc.

Booking the right accommodation is probably the most important aspect to your holiday so do the research and ask lots of questions if all the detail you need is not available on the website.

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